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Geneseo High School - Technology Upgrades

Geneseo, Illinois


As part of a multi-million dollar addition and renovation to this existing high school building, GHR performed planning, design and construction administration services for various technology upgrades.  With the assistance of the school district's technology director, GHR planned out a revised IDF layout to facilitate the phased construction of this project.  Furthermore, all new CAT6 cable was installed to each workstation and to each owner furnished wireless access point.  GHR provided designs for both the network's fiber optic backbone and grounding backbone.  Also throughout the building, GHR designed and specified a new paging/PA system that not only served the new portions of the facility, but also tied into the existing paging system components.  In addition to all of these upgrades, GHR designed a simple, yet powerful, PA system for the school's new state-of-the-art football field.


Meridian High School - Athletic Field PA

Macon, Illinois


As part of a phased construction effort, GHR provided designs and specified the installation of several, independent athletic field PA systems.  For several of the smaller fields (softball, soccer) a simple, portable system was designed such that it could be used for multiple fields at different times. For the football field, however, a more powerful, stationary system was designed.  All systems included auxiliary inputs, means to play CD's, microphones and assisted listening components. At each filed, permanent speakers were installed on  field lighting poles with permanent wiring routed back to input panels.

Clara-Peterson Elementary School - Technology Upgrades

Paxton, Illinois


After completing the MEP-FP design services for a multi-million dollar addition & renovation project, GHR was asked to provide design services for technology and security upgrades.  This effort included upgrading the entire facility to 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet); adding two new IDF rooms, and providing a new grounding backbone.  In addition, GHR provided designs for an all new door access control system (including associated infrastructure).

This project is still in construction.


Carle Foundation Hospital - Carle Tower Paging System

Urbana, Illinois


GHR provided designs for the entire building paging system throughout this $250M new patient tower.

Waltham Elementary School - Technology Package

Utica, Illinois


Associated with a new K-8 school building project, GHR was responsible for the design of the school-wide paging PA system, the school-wide door access system and local a/v systems for each classroom.

This project is still in construction.

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