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About Us

Interfacing with Clients is mandatory in the development of an informed team that understands the goals of the project, the needs of the various client groups, the limitations of the budget and the construction process.


Coordinating with Consultants means we are participants in all major meetings, as well as smaller, more "focused" meetings addressing our area of specialization. Drawings are coordinated within the design team. Specifications are coordinated by the Project Manager. Estimates are reviewed and coordinated by the Project Manager.

Project Management Procedures are driven by the project. Scope, schedule and budget combine to present various solutions to the design challenge. These solutions are tested against the flexibility of the Client to establish the project delivery method. During construction, management becomes a team effort with the contractors to attain a completion date within the budget.


Quality Assurance and Quality Control Procedures is a mind set imbued on all team members from the beginning to the end of a project. GHR uses peer review of all projects within the office.

Cost Control is of upmost importance and estimates are prepared at every stage of design.  These progress from rough cut square foot estimates to detailed time and material estimates prepared from our database.  The narrow bid spreads and favorable bids versus estimates achieved by GHR are testimony to the efficacy of this process.


Schedule Control is discussed at the programmatic phase of the project. Attainable schedules recognize the needs of the client as well as the realities of the construction process.

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