Building Information Management (BIM)

Autodesk REVIT 

GHR produces approximately 70% of our projects in Autodesk Revit. Over the last 5-7 years, GHR has developed custom Revit content in order to produce robust and intelligent building information modeling (BIM). This development has saved us countless man-hours on individual projects.

Project Management

At GHR, each trade department has a BIM manager, and each month, these managers meet to discuss how to improve our modeling processes.  By keeping up-to-date with the functionality of the Revit software, and its associated third party add-ins, we’re able to continually improve the way we manage data within each project’s model.

Coordination between trades

The 3D nature of the BIM world allows us to provide a higher level of coordination.  Ultimately, this leads to fewer change orders in the field and thus saves our clients’ money.  In the end, we’re able to provide the owner with a data-rich BIM model of their project for their own use if need be.  In addition, the models provide useful for later projects within the same facility.

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