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Sustainable Designs 

GHR is dedicated to developing sustainable designs for our clients which requires us to research, study and train continually in order to maintain our status as a top sustainability designer in the area.  We’ve been a part of many certified LEED projects and have several LEED Accredited Professionals here at GHR.  We utilize several unique computer-based software tools to assists us in our designs which allow us to provide expertise in multiple areas: Daylighting controls, Daylight harvesting, Energy modeling, Geothermal HVAC systems, low-flow plumbing systems, and occupancy controls to name a few.

Grant Writing

In addition, GHR has helped our clients receive tens of thousands of dollars in grant monies by assisting them in the grant writing process.

Recently Designed and Completed LEED Projects 

 - Silver - Faith United Methodist Church

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